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We invite your vocal ensemble, duet or solo artist to take part in the 2nd International Childrens’ and Youth Festival – Contest for Vocal Music “SPACE 2017”.
Let’s repeat the success of last year and with the voices of young singers, let’s meet in the vocal music festival “SPACE 2017”!
The 2nd International Childrens’ and Youth Festival – Contest for Vocal Music
„SPACE 2017“
November 18th, 2017
Concert Hall „VAKARIS VILNIUS“ , A. Stulginskio str. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania
1. Event organizer: „Erdvė menui“ association;
2. The Festival – Contest for Vocal Music „SPACE“ is dedicated to solo singers, duets and vocal ensembles;
3. The event provides an opportunity for contestants to present their talent, to increase the experience level of an on stage performance and to receive the evaluation from a competent jury;
4. Aim: to educate children and young people’s cultural life, to promote artistic activities and to raise the skill level of on stage performance;
5. Objectives:
• To create conditions that allow young and talented artists perform;
• To motivate children and young to raise up talent and consume quality leisure activities;
• To encourage communication and collaboration between artists and mentors;
• To help open wider opportunities for further professional career;
• To allow artists to be evaluated and recognized by professionals and international recognition winning members of the jury.

II.1. Competition date: November 18th, 2017 (Saturday);
II.2. Competition venue: Concert Hall „VAKARIS VILNIUS“ , A. Stulginskio str. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania.
III.1. Competition is open to soloists, duets, vocal ensembles and all genres of vocal music;
III.2. The competition is carried out by performing ONE musical piece of any language and genres;
III.3. Songs can be performed acappella, with playback or selected accompaniment of musical instruments. Participants are responsible for the instrument arrangement;
III.4. Back vocals can be recorded fragmentary only for soloists, without duplicating the main vocals. The leading vocal parts of the song cannot be duplicated by any musical instrument;
III.5. If the soloist is accompanied by more than two “live” instruments, the appearance of the performance is treated as a group performance;
III.6. Duration of 1 musical piece – up to 4 minutes.
IV.1. Soloist age division:
• up to 7 y.;
• 8 – 11 y.;
• 12 – 15 y.;
• 16 y. and above.
IV.2. Ensemble age division (up to 12 people in a group):
• up to 7 y.;
• 8 – 11 y.;
• 12 – 15 y.;
• 16 y. and above.
IV.3. The ensemble age category is calculated according to the average age of group members.
NOTICE! Competition organizers reserve the right to change the age category depending on the number of participants.
V.1. Contestants will be evaluated by each jury member on a scale from 1 to 10 according to the following criteria:
• Vocal preparation;
• Stage etiquette;
• Image;
• Originality and piece interpretation;
• Performance persuasiveness.
V.2. Each participant will get an average point calculated from all of the marks of the jury;
V.3. Upon the decision of the jury more than one first, second or third place in the category can be assigned to the contestants;
V.4. Results provided by the jury are final and non-negotiable.
VI.1. All contestants and their teachers will be awarded with diplomas and festival goods;
VI.2. Each age category contains I, II, III place winners and a special jury choice nomination. Winners will be awarded with cups, diplomas and festival goods;
VI.3. Two sponsors provide the competition special Grand Prix awards : GRAND PRIX KID and GRAND PRIX SENIOR .
VII.1. In order to participate in the competition an application form must be filled and send by the October 23th, 2017:
• Online application form.
Link to SOLO apllication form:
Link to ENSEMBLE/ DUET apllication form:
• Song playback/instrumental must be submitted in MP3 or WAV format. Please send to further e-mail:
VII.2. Soloist participation fee – 30 EUR, each member of an ensemble – 20 EUR, each member of a group– 15 EUR.
VII.3. Performers who take part in ensembles and solo categories receive a 5 EUR discount from the soloist category fee;
VII.4. The entry fee must be transferred until October 27th, 2017 to the account specified below:
A/s: LT32 7044 0600 0806 8758
Bank: AB SEB bankas
Beneficiary: Asociacija „Erdvė Menui“
Į/k 304150363
Payment couse: competition title, soloist name and last name/ensemble (or group) name.
VII.5. Non-refundable participation fee.
VIII.1. All information about the exact time of the event and the registration of the participants will be sent by e-mail after the submission of the application form;
VIII.2. Contestants and accompanying persons cover travel and living expenses;
VIII.3. The need for accommodation, must be indicated in the application form. Appliers will be offered accommodation at the most reasonable price;
VIII.4. Participants are liable for the songs copyright compliance;
VIII.5. The organizers reserve the right to adjust and change the rules , after informing the registered groups leaders.
Association „Erdvė menui“
Contact numbers:
+37060505994 (Ana)
+37065263317 (Austėja)